5G Canada Council

The 5G Canada Council supports a dynamic 5G ecosystem through advocacy,
research and cross-sector collaboration.

5G Primer

5G of “fifth generation” refers to the next generation of mobile wireless standards and technologies.  5G will enable a fully connected and mobile society, and deliver unprecedented benefits to citizens, industry and government.

Industry News

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The 5G Canada Council is a multistakeholder Council with a membership base that includes Canadian wireless carriers, network equipment providers, academia and other product and service providers in the 5G ecosystem.


White papers, reports, and other sources of information about 5G

Fuel for Innovation – Canada’s Path in the Race to 5G

What’s New

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Thanks to continuing investments by Canada’s wireless carriers, Canada has the 2nd fastest mobile download speeds in the world; #Cdnwireless 2.5 times the global average, and 91% faster than the U.S. For more see @Speedtest charts at speedtest.net/global-index

Canadian schools taking up the challenge to recycle old cell phones to win a cash prize recyclemycell.ca/canadian-schoo… Retweeted by CWTA / ACTS