5G Canada Council

The 5G Canada Council supports a dynamic 5G ecosystem through advocacy,
research and cross-sector collaboration.

5G Primer

5G of “fifth generation” refers to the next generation of mobile wireless standards and technologies.  5G will enable a fully connected and mobile society, and deliver unprecedented benefits to citizens, industry and government.

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The 5G Canada Council is a multistakeholder Council with a membership base that includes Canadian wireless carriers, network equipment providers, academia and other product and service providers in the 5G ecosystem.


White papers, reports, and other sources of information about 5G

Accelerating 5G in Canada – Benefits for Cities and Rural Communities

What’s New

Setting the Record Straight on 5G Wireless & RF Safety

Like each generation of wireless technology that preceded it, 5G will bring enormous benefits for the economy and for Canadians’ quality of life. Given the misleading information being circulated about 5G, however, it is getting harder for non-experts to be sure of the facts. The CWTA and 5GCC have put together a short guide to help clear up common 5G safety myths and provide a starting point for those seeking information on the topic in Canada.

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The GDP contributions of the Canadian wireless industry include $12.6B from productivity improvements enabled by the use of wireless services in other industry sectors, and $4.7B as a result of an increase in wireless penetration. Learn more: cwta.ca

CWTA's VP of Operations Katherine Winchester spoke to @GlobalCalgary yesterday about how consumers can use DeviceCheck.ca before buying a used phone to see if it has been reported as lost or stolen: globalnews.ca/news/6544169/p…