Consultation begins for mmWave to be used for 5G

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June 10, 2022 – The government of Canada is asking Canadians for their opinions on a policy and licensing framework for a class of high-frequency wireless signals called millimetre wave (mmWave), a foundational component in achieving the full potential of 5G cellular services. The framework is required before the sale of licenses for that wireless spectrum. Canada released mmWave to support 5G in a decision published in June 2019. In Canada, 5G mmWave describes radio signals in three frequencies: 26, 28 and 38GHz.

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Rogers first in Canada to launch 3500 MHz 5G spectrum, continuing 5G network leadership

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June 15, 2022 – Rogers Communications announced today it has started to deploy its 5G 3500 MHz spectrum holdings, with the first location going live in Nanaimo, BC this morning. The company will continue its deployment across Canada, including the urban centres of Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver and multiple rural areas. More regions will follow as they are released according to the ISED timetable. Unlocking the 3500 MHz band increases network capacity and will boost speed and deliver ultra-low latency, paving the way for Rogers to offer infinite service possibilities for consumers and business customers, from augmented reality and machine learning to smart homes, vehicles and cities.

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Canada's fastest 5G network just got faster, Bell introduces 5G+

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June 15, 2022 – Bell today announced the network readiness of 5G+, to be deployed across the country on Canada's fastest and most awarded 5G wireless network, and offering unprecedented mobile data speeds. In 2021, Bell secured prime 3500 MHz spectrum in urban and rural markets across the country, adding high-capacity airwaves critical to the evolution of Bell 5G on its network. Bell is now poised to deploy 3500 MHz wireless spectrum and unleash the next phase of 5G advancement. Bell plans to continue its network leadership position and deliver to customers the fastest 5G+ network in Canada, with its world-class network technology strategy and prime spectrum position.

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Global 5G

5G smartphone sales outpace 4G for the first time

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March 17, 2022 – After a tepid start when 5G launched in earnest in 2019, 5G smartphone sales have ticked up and at the start of 2022 surpassed 4G phones for the first time, according to Counterpoint Research. While 5G’s share of phone sales are up globally, inching past 4G to reach 51% globally in January, penetration was particularly high in North America where it reached almost three-quarters (73%), only slightly outdone by Western Europe at 76%.

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Ignore the urban myth - mobile phones do not cause increased risk of brain tumours, study finds

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A new ‘beam-steering’ technology that takes mobile communications beyond 5G is here

April 10, 2022 – The old urban myth goes that using mobile phones close to your head or sleeping with it under your pillow increases your risk of cancer, with horror stories circulating widely down the years. However, new research has ended speculation and firmly put the tall tale to bed. Funded by the UK Medical Research Council and Cancer Research UK, a study has found no increase in risk of developing brain tumours for those who regularly use mobile phones. The study has just been published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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June 3, 2022 – Fifth-generation connectivity, or 5G, was highlighted as a significant leap forward in networking protocols. On the right path towards a fully wireless future, 5G brings incredibly fast data speeds, low latency communications, and higher data caps for mobile devices. The technology offers at least one gigabit per second for connection speeds and millimeter-wave (mmW) bands for supporting applications requiring large capacity. The promise of a 5G future seemed like it was yesterday. Now, a new beam-steering antenna that increases the efficiency of data transmission for 'beyond 5G' is already here. The technology opens up a vast range of frequencies for mobile communications that are inaccessible to currently used technologies.

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5G Connections to Exceed 1 Billion in 2022, Despite Economic Turbulence

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June 14, 2022 – Worldwide 5G connections are enjoying a strong pace of growth in 2022, elevating 5G from a nascent to a fledgling technology, reports analyst firm CCS Insight in its latest global market forecast. After two years of turbulence that saw deployment and expansion of 5G networks disrupted by the pandemic, a clearer path to adoption is now in sight. This is thanks to vast availability of 5G-capable smartphones, refined operator strategies and delayed network launches starting to take place.

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Verizon, AT&T agree to delay some 5G deployment until mid-2023

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June 17, 2022 - The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that Verizon Communications and AT&T have voluntarily agreed to delay some C-Band 5G usage until July 2023 as air carriers work to retrofit airplanes to ensure they will not face interference. The two carriers agreed in January to delay through July 5 switching on some wireless towers and depowering others near airports. Verizon said Friday the new agreement will allow it to "lift the voluntary limitations on our 5G network deployment around airports in a staged approach over the coming months meaning even more consumers and businesses will benefit from the tremendous capabilities of 5G technology."

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