5G Wireless Will Benefit Healthcare: CWTA President

October 19, 2018 – Few sectors of the economy will not be transformed by 5G wireless, including healthcare. Focusing on this topic, CWTA President and CEO Robert Ghiz will speak at the Drug Information Association (DIA)’s Annual Canadian Meeting in Ottawa later in October. He will highlight the many ways CWTA members are facilitating transformative and collaborative change across Canada, how the wireless industry has navigated a heavily-regulated environment with remarkable success, and how with 5G coming we now find ourselves on the verge of another promising wireless revolution.

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TeraGo to Conduct 5G Fixed Wireless Trial in Toronto

October 11, 2018 – Canadian operator TeraGo will conduct a fixed wireless trial in the greater Toronto area using 5G millimetre-wave equipment from PHAZR. The technical trial will test the company's licenced 24GHz spectrum. TeraGo operates a fixed wireless network across Canada. PHAZR is an American provider of virtualized radio access networks (vRAN) that offers 5G mm-wave systems for licensed 24GHz-40GHz bands. Its 5G portfolio is being trialled by three operators in the U.S.

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Telecoms Push for CRTC Authority over Utility Poles

October 3, 2018 – During federal consultations on the 2019 budget, Rogers and Shaw have proposed changing the Telecommunications Act to give the CRTC oversight over infrastructure. Rogers said that the Commission should have authority over access to utility poles and ducts, while Shaw recommended its authority in this regard should include dispute resolution powers. In Canada, utility poles are generally run by electrical utilities that are regulated by the provinces. (Courtesy of The Wire.)

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Global 5G

C-V2X Trials to Explore Cellular Alternatives to DSRC

October 17, 2018 – The FCC is deciding whether to set aside 5.9GHz spectrum for direct short range communication (DSRC) and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. A group of U.S. cable operators wants to reallocate unlicensed mid-band spectrum for WiFi use. They recommend using vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) connectivity, which relies on a cellular network for cloud services like navigation and infotainment. It can link directly with other vehicles, smart infrastructure and pedestrians, and is based on 3GPP's Release 14 standard.

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Xiaomi Says the First 5G Phone Will Arrive on Oct. 25

October 16, 2018 – Xiaomi has announced that the Mi Mix 3 will debut on October 25, saying it will either be "the first 5G commercial mobile phone" or "one of the first 5G smartphones". This ambiguous message followed a preview of the device last month, when images were released of an upgraded Mi Mix 2. Xiaomi showed pictures of the new phone in the midst of 5G radio tests over Twitter, indicating it will deliver next-generation wireless functionality — including both 28GHz mm-wave and 3.5GHz 5G broadcasting support.

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Smart Cities Panel Addresses Funding, Procurement

October 9, 2018 – Challenges facing smart city initiatives were a focus of this year's Smart Cities Week conference in D.C., including the need for appropriate resources to fund smart city projects. As cloud and software-as-a-service models become more popular, IT funding requirements are shifting away from capital expenditures toward operating expenditures. Panelists at SCW recommended thinking about alternative models bringing various city departments together to strategize on IT projects and procurement.

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FCC Chairman Moves to Free Up More Spectrum, Change CBRS Rules

October 3, 2018 – FCC chairman Ajit Pai is considering freeing up more mid-band spectrum for 5G. In an October 1 blog, he outlined a plan that included opening up 6GHz for WiFi-style unlicensed connections. Pai also entertained changing the rules for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). Currently, CBRS offers spectrum in 3.5GHz on a tiered basis, allowing military satellites and radar top priority. U.S. carriers would prefer more standard agreements that enable them to renew 3.5GHz licenses on a long-term basis.

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