How 5G Will Impact West Coast Businesses, and Canadian Consumers

August 27, 2018 – According to Rick Sellers, President of the B.C. region at Rogers, 5G will enable a truly connected world for Canadian customers, businesses and cities – with faster speeds, wider coverage and more stable, simultaneous connections. Sellers told BCBusiness.ca that Rogers will maximize 5G in B.C. by leveraging the right infrastructure, spectrum, investments and partnerships. He sees 5G supporting the real-time economy and applications like VR, driverless cars and low-power IOT innovations for smart cities.

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Canadians and Americans Both Want 5G, While National Policy Lags

August 18, 2018 – Canada and the United States agree that neither nation can get enough mobile wireless service. Consumers in both countries are using more wireless data each year, as operators encourage their governments to release more spectrum and streamline rollout requirements. With billions in revenue and millions of jobs at stake, it is unclear why telecom regulators are dragging their feet on spectrum.

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Global 5G

FCC Plans to Make 5G Deployments More Efficient

September 4, 2018 – FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has announced a plan to make 5G deployments faster and cheaper. Subject to an FCC vote later this month, the plan will give guidance to state governments on making laws to streamline the approval process for 5G. The guidelines would reduce red tape and make it easier to establish small cell sites. Based on bills passed in 20 states, the recommended rules would limit the fees that localities charge for construction and permit applications. They would also require government decisions on small cell deployment to be made within a set period of time.

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Standards Being Developed to Maximize 5G's Public Safety Benefits

August 31, 2018 – 3GPP is an organization that develops open standards for mobile networks. It uses parallel "releases" to provide a stable platform for feature implementation. Releases 15 and 16 by 3GPP will focus on 5G networks. Collectively, Releases 12-16 and beyond will set standards to ensure that 4G and 5G networks can meet the needs of first responders. They will address coverage, availability and security needs for mission critical communications and operational uses by Public Safety organizations.

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New Report Says 5G Will Eventually Tap 10 Times More Spectrum Than LTE

August 23, 2018 – The latest 5G Americas report, “LTE to 5G: The Global Impact of Wireless Innovation”, finds that service providers around the world will require a mix of low-, mid- and high-band frequencies to deliver wide area coverage and multi-gigabit capacity. It is based on research by Rysavy Research indicating that the use of new 5G bands above 24 GHz can permit access to over 10 times the amount of spectrum currently available for cellular.

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5G Network Slicing Could Be Worth $66 Billion For Mobile Operators

August 17, 2018 – ABI Research says that progress made by operators and vendors in 5G network slicing could generate up to $66 billion USD for mobile operators, as a result of connectivity demands from vertical industries. Their research shows that being able to offer virtual networks for industrial applications could be a key differentiator for operators – enabling them to capture more revenue at a time when traditional income is being squeezed by changing consumer habits, intense competition and regulatory challenges.

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