Experts: "No, COVID-19 Is Not Caused by 5G"

April 13, 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled new myths about 5G, with some going so far as to claim C-19 can be transmitted over 5G airwaves. In response, authorities including the World Health Organization and Federal Communications Commission have clarified their position that wireless technologies do not pose a health risk. It is worth noting that the virus has impacted several countries where 5G is not available to date – including Iran, with over 73,300 cases, and Turkey, with over 61,000.

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C-19 Highlights the Need for Canadian 5G Investment

March 25, 2020 – COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of policies that encourage telecom investment. A recent op-ed in the National Post made the case that the pandemic has transformed how Canadians use telecom services. With so much of the country dependent on telecom to address C-19 and restore consumer confidence, it suggested that a stable regulatory environment for capital is now a necessity, not a luxury, as Canada's communications industry prepares to enter the 5G era.

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Affordable New 5G Smartphones Available in Canada

April 8, 2020 – Samsung's Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 smartphones have entered the Canadian market, with the A71 retailing for $599.99 and the A51 for $479.99 on the company's website. Samsung Canada has also launched a door-to-door service to help physically-distancing customers get their devices fixed during the pandemic. Customers with a broken Galaxy can have it collected and repaired by calling a 1-800 number, contacting Samsung online support, or sending a text. Each device will be sanitized prior to return.

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Social Media Platforms Ban Conspiracies on 5G, C-19

April 14, 2020 – Facebook has banned forums including a "Stop 5G Group" for encouraging attacks on cellular towers. Since March, conspiracy theorists have alleged that 5G can make people susceptible to C-19. As a result, several dozen phone masts have been destroyed in the UK alone. YouTube is also deleting videos that link coronavirus with 5G conspiracies. This comes after an interview with conspiracy theorist David Icke was broadcast on the platform, featuring incendiary comments about 5G technology.

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How C-19 and U.S. Policy Could Impact 5G Standards

April 6, 2020 – In addition to COVID-19 having already delayed the release of 3GPP’s next 5G standards, new laws in the U.S. could further complicate their development. The standards body recently announced that Release 16 would be delayed until June 2020, and Release 17 until December 2021. Now that U.S. legislation requires the government to play a role in developing 5G standards, meanwhile, this could make 3GPP a likely forum for such activities. 3GPP had previously sought to minimize its political involvement.

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Thailand to Fight C-19 with 5G, Telemedicine Robots

April 8, 2020 – As Thailand works to manage over 2,000 coronavirus cases, its largest mobile operator, Advanced Info Service (AIS), is expanding 5G coverage throughout Bangkok and five other Thai cities. CEO Somchai Lertsutiwong says 5G equipment has been installed at 20 hospitals, with plans to bring 5G services to 118 hospitals across the country this April. AIS is also creating a robotics lab to manufacture 5G telemedicine robots that will be sent to 20 hospitals providing COVID-19 treatment and exams.

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