A new study analyzing 5G’s impact on the global mobile network experience found that Canada remains in the top five out of 100 countries for mobile download speed. According to Opensignal’s February 2022 Global Mobile Experience report, 98% of the global 5G market has seen faster download speeds at the slowest hour of the day (when data usage normally causes delays).

In Canada, 5G’s impact nearly doubled download speeds at the slowest hour – rising from 28.4 Megabits-per-second (Mbps) to 54.7Mbps. Before the launch of 5G, Opensignal found that Canada’s overall download speed was 42.5Mbps, which rose to 62Mbps by December 2021. The report also predicted that mobile speeds will continue to rise in Canada as more mid-band spectrum is released, meaning that – as 5G continues to roll out – the best is still to come.

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