A new study by mobile analytics firm Opensignal finds that Canadian users enjoy the fastest 5G download speed experience in North America, and among the fastest 5G experiences in the world. According to Opensignal, Canada’s networks presently lead Germany, Australia and the UK. They even lead South Korea – the country with the highest 5G adoption rate worldwide.

In its August 2020 benchmarking report, Opensignal ranked 5G users’ overall download speed experience in 12 leading global 5G markets. The report evaluated the average download speed experience of 5G users in each country, including their 4G download speeds, as well as the time they spent connected to each type of network.

Among the 12 markets surveyed, Opensignal ranked Canada second in the world. They found that Canadian 5G users enjoy average download speeds of 90.4 Mbps, which is more than 170% faster than the 5G experience in the U.S. This comes at a time when Canada still has not allocated the mid-band spectrum that will be crucial to 5G deployment – with Canada’s 3500 MHz auction postponed until June 2021, and a consultation on our 3800 MHz auction being launched just last week.

When Canadian operators can begin incorporating mid-band spectrum into their buildouts, our 5G infrastructure will be at an even greater international advantage. Even in the early days of 5G, Opensignal‘s research indicates that Canada is already on its way to building world-class 5G networks, similar to how our 4G infrastructure outperforms the G7 and most other countries in the world.

For full details on the August 2020 ‘Benchmarking the Global 5G User Experience’ report, click here.

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