Ottawa, March 20, 2018 – Yesterday’s announcement of a $400 million 5G wireless test corridor running between the provinces of Quebec and Ontario is great news for Canada as we move toward the next revolution in wireless network technology and services. This initiative will see the governments of Canada, Quebec and Ontario invest approximately $67 million, while private sector partners bring an additional $200 million, to work with ENCQOR and develop Canada’s first pre-commercial corridor of 5G wireless communication technologies. This investment recognizes the critical importance 5G will have to Canada’s future.

5G is a technology standard that will drive innovation, efficiency and productivity to a wide range of business and industrial sectors of the Canadian economy and offer Canadian wireless customers compelling new services. 5G will change the way Canadians live, work and play. It is because of the importance of 5G that CWTA launched the 5G Canada Council to encourage the development of a supportive and dynamic 5G ecosystem in Canada.

Canada is already a global leader in the deployment of advanced 4G/LTE networks. To maintain this leadership position as 5G arrives, collaboration and investment will be crucial. We have the opportunity to develop a “made-in-Canada” solution that is right for our country, one that meets Canadians’ needs and addresses the challenges of deploying networks in each province and territory across our diverse country.

ENCQOR is a prime example of the benefits that can come from a collaborative approach by all stakeholders as Canada moves toward 5G. Led by five world-class digital technology companies, including CWTA member Ericsson Canada, ENCQOR will give small and medium sized Canadian businesses the opportunity to test 5G applications while the country prepares for the next steps toward full commercialization and deployment.

Collaboration and investment such as that announced with ENCQOR, together with a number of other initiatives and partnerships which have been launched by our facilities-based carriers and network vendors are crucial to Canada maintaining its lead in the deployment of advanced mobile networks. To make 5G a success in Canada, all stakeholders must work together. The important investments announced today recognize this fact.